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Now that's a tall promise and at this point, you may be wondering...

Who Is Christine Fonner And Why Should I Listen To Her?

Christine is an executive leadership coach for women. She is also the founder of Roam Your Soul, a women’s leadership and adventure community. With 20 years in nonprofit and corporate leadership, Christine is an advocate for helping leaders cultivate what she calls, “radical care” in the workplace. 

Christine coaches women who want to find deeper meaning in life through transformational learning and authentic community. She believes that everyone needs a support network, community, and opportunities to be vulnerable to engage in what makes life meaningful.

Christine has a Master’s in transformational leadership/change management and is a strengths-based transformational leadership expert. She is a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership, specializing in “the human factor” – the responsibility leaders have in creating “radical care” in the workplace and the connection between personal/interpersonal needs and joy at work.

So as you can see, Christine is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about how to walk into ANY conversation with confidence and negotiation POWER.

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So Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With Your Membership.

- Learning new strategies for improving your leadership capabilities and conflict resolution skills

- Analyzing your own Strengths, Core Values, & Human Design archetype

- Engaging in Meaningful Self Reflection (personal and professional, spiritual and logical)

- Expanding and critiquing your own Leadership Practice (including negotiating and decision making)

- Learning Communication & Relationship building strategies

- Implementing New Conflict Resolution Strategies.

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